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Schedule a Presentation or Demonstration for your Garden, Nature, Conservation, Photography, Art or Plant Society Meeting

To schedule a presentation (see available topics below) for your organization contact Jody Williams. I'm happy to host groups of up to 30 at the studio or come to your regular meeting venue. The Foundry Art Centre and Historic St. Charles combine to make a fun destination for your group.

Presentation - "The Bartrams in My Backyard"

Hear the story of John & William Bartram, America's first naturalists, botanical artists and discovers, collectors, cultivators and distributors of native plants. Quakers who lived on a farm outside Philadelphia in the 1700's & friends of Benjamin Franklin, the Bartrams supplied plants to Washington's Mount Vernon, Jefferson's Monticello and the grand gardens of England and beyond.  See beautiful images by local photographer and artist, Jody Williams of plants associated with the Bartrams that grow in the St. Louis region.  Discover the renaissance of botanical art as exemplified by the American Society of Botanical Artists' traveling exhibition "Following in the Bartrams Footsteps - Contemporary Artists Explore the Bartrams' Legacy" (which will be on view beginning in late August at the North Carolina Botanical Garden - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill).

Presentation - History and Tradition of Botanical Art

A presentation tracing the long and storied history of botanical art accompanied by images of botanical art by many of the masters of the 1700 and 1800's. This presentation was prepared by members of the American Society of Botanical Artists and is rich in detail and examples from around the world.

Presentation - Contemporary Botanical Art

A lecture on the resurgence of botanical art around the world.  Jody Williams, President of the American Society of Botanical Artists will share insight into the growing world of contemporary botanical art, international exhibitions, trends, established and emerging artists, where to find botanical art, tips for becoming a collector in this genre and more.

Demonstration of Botanical art

Jody will demonstrate the materials, media and techniques that distinguish botanical art from other genres and share a variety of original works and exhibition catalogs that illustrate the beauty, uniqueness and diversity of this resurgent art form.

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